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Sail Track

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Sail track is available in white aluminium and anodised aluminium.  It is 30mm wide and has a C channel that measures 9mm.


Single Sail Track (Mill Finish, Anodised & White Powder Coat)
  • Single Sail Track
  • 9mm hole
  • Available in mill finish, anodised & white powder coat


Double Sail Track (White Powder Coat Only)
  • Double Sail Track
  • 9mm hole
  • Available in white powder coat

Order Codes Type Material Length
STM1 Single Mill Finish 1500mm
STM2 Single Mill Finish 3000mm
STM3 Single Mill Finish 6000mm
STA1 Single Anodised 1500mm
STA2 Single Anodised 3000mm
STA3 Single Anodised 6000mm
STPC1 Single White Powder Coat 1500mm
STPC2 Single White Powder Coat 3000mm
STPC3 Single White Powder Coat 6000mm
STPCD1 Double White Powder Coat 1500mm
Double White Powder Coat
STPCD3 Double White Powder Coat 6000mm